ITPD Solutions
high quality, versatile and flexible

Made by the team of adventurous and creative specialists. 

Web design

Creative coworkers will bring artistic spark to your new website. We deliver clean, intuitive and modern layouts.

Web development

Qualified developers provide solutions in multiple technologies. Techstack includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python but also WordPress and many more.

Software testing

Our engineers provide investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the software products or services.


By introducing to your structure our specialists you will get the flexibility that is essential in modern economy.


We deliver training to IT adepts as well as professionals that want to further develope their skills.


Our teams are working on multiple complex projects delivering optimal solutions to your needs.

SEO optimalization for maximal exposure

Our hosting partners offer special SEO NVMe with custom IP pool with multiple classes form optimal search engin positioning. This along with our setup experience can significantly influance traffic on your website.


We deliver our platforms on SSD supported highly efficient servers with SSL security certificates to maximize performance and esure data protection and integrity.

Versatile layouts and CMS designs

New world of insane diversity and functionality.

Our easy‑to‑use, pre‑designed templates include all the elements you need to launch a beautiful, professional‑looking campaign in no time. For projects with longer timespan we deliver custom layouts with unique feel and smooth experiece.
  • Advanced options panel for unlimited styles;

Various layouts types for fast and convenient work;

Responsive and retina ready designs for perfect quality;

Responsive and retina ready designs for perfect quality;

Premium plugins included for better performance.



Responsive solutions to your apps and websites

The team of adventurous and creative specialists in web development deliver best contemporary crossplatform functionalities.


Experienced team with multiple devices

New world of insane diversity and functionality.


Mobile support for web apps and web sites

All responsive and adaptive.


Experienced and highly professional team

We will take care of the smallest detial.

ITPD Solutions

Over 5 years of experience in delivering easy to use applications. Dynamic and flexible business that is to serve other businesses. 

We erned a reputation for our good practices, ethics, responsiveness and quality support to our clients.

Look through our offer and portfolio and let us take care of the IT aspect of your buisness


ITPD Solutions. 5 years of experience in the software industry. Delivering high quality web applications and web sites. Intuitive, responsive and reliable software designe to your needs.

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Clean design

Optimal performance

SEO, positioning and exposure



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